Despite the human tragedy, stress and disruption that we have experienced during the Covid pandemic in the last two years Liverpool has not lost sight of its community spirit, kindness and the generosity that we are known for.

From February to April 2022

March 23rd 2022 marks the anniversary of the 2nd year of the 2020 lockdown and Liverpool will stage Visible Virals – a riot of colour, art, light, games and events in celebration and thanks of the people and communities of Liverpool for their resilience over the last two years.

Culture Liverpool has been working with aptcreative, DefProc Engineering and Focal Studios to create 2 months of art happenings around the city. We have talked with the people of Liverpool to develop the visuals and messages reflecting people’s experiences, as well as some amazing projections that will be visible on the city’s iconic buildings. Finally, we’ve also created an interactive game that will be projected on The Museum of Liverpool on the 23rd March 2022, to mark the 2nd anniversary of lockdown. Apt Creative’s artwork will be strewn around the city so look out for something colourful and bright to bring a smile to your day. At night keep your eyes peeled for some amazing, fun and beautiful projection artworks and an immersive game to be enjoyed by all ages! 


So many people and communities came together to help each other over the past two years and their generosity of spirit should continue to be celebrated. 

Family, friends, neighbours, Council, NHS, service and education providers, emergency services, communities, universities, local businesses, front-line workers, call operators and football clubs all have worked together, throughout the pandemic to do our best to take care of each other.