Liverpool is a city of poets and playwrights, of artists and music makers. A city that 15 years ago took its well-earned place as European Capital of Culture, setting in motion its most profound renaissance.

Since our inception and following the delivery of the most successful European Capital of Culture to date, the vision and ambition of Culture Liverpool continues to grow and thrive. Today we build on our UNESCO City of Music status and world class reputation, using arts, music and events as the driving force behind the regeneration of our city by championing culture on an international stage.

We do not stand alone in our efforts. We stand side by side and in solidarity with a host of forward thinking, innovative and cutting-edge cultural partners who join us on our journey to realise the full potential of Liverpool – an accessible and diverse cosmopolitan city.

Here you will find the latest information on the current cultural scene in Liverpool, how we keep abreast of trends with industry news, as well as a selection of archive material to illustrate how far we have come.

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