Bees: A Story Of Survival is a visually stunning and immersive adventure that explores the epic tale of these incredible creatures and their essential relationship with the natural world.

In a unique partnership with the award-winning artist Wolfgang Buttress, Bees: A Story Of Survival is a beautiful harmony of art and science featuring cutting edge technology.

Using sculptural sound and light environments, the exhibition provides visitors with a real-time connection to bees within their natural habitat, revealing and expressing an ever changing picture of their activity.

Journey with us into their universe, from the tiny and fascinating anatomy of a single bee to the magic and wonder of bee colonies, the role bees play in the environment and the threats they face.

Bees are facing extinction. With more than 20,000 known species, they are vital to our way of life and essential to the planet’s survival.

Could the decline in bees be a reflection of the impending destruction of our natural world? Join us on an emotional and thought-provoking voyage of discovery, reminding us all that the time for action is now.

Event Date: Saturday 4th May 2024 - Monday 5th May 2025

Location: World Museum

Categories: exhibition | Family | World culture

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