If you would like to be involved in telling your story – join us at these drop in events.

Drop in event at The Florrie, Mezzanine in the Grand Hall

Wednesday 2nd March 11am-1/2pm  at  The Florrie 377 Mill Street, Dingle, Liverpool, L8 4RF

Come share your experience of the last two years of lockdown at our informal event taking place in The Florrie.

We will be videoing people to include in other Visible Virals marketing but only with people’s permission.

See a sneak peek of the visual projections which will be splashed across the city in the next few weeks.

All are welcome!

Read the Public Health Annual Report Here

Drop in event at The Lighthouse

Thursday 17th February 11am-1/2pm  at The Lighthouse Oakfield Road, Anfield, L4 0UF

An informal event where people can drop in for a cuppa and talk about their experiences during the lockdowns. We will be videoing people to include the next Public Health Annual Report and other Visible Virals marketing but only with people’s permission. All are welcome.


Despite the human tragedy, stress and disruption that we have experienced in the last two years Liverpool has not lost sight of its community spirit, kindness and the generosity that we are known for.


So many people and communities came together to help each other over the past two years and their generosity of spirit should continue to be celebrated.

Family, friends, neighbours, Council, NHS, service and education providers, emergency services, communities, universities, local businesses, front-line workers, call operators and football clubs all have worked together, throughout the pandemic to do our best for each other.


Gateacre School on their first day back


Frontline Covid staff

PHAR Video (Sue Ryan Divisional Nursing Director, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)


St. Andrews Community Network

(Kevin Peacock, Foodbank)