The Rhaa

Without Walls The Rhaa

The Rhaa (pronounced Ray) is the home and life’s-work of Manx poet and retired farmer David Kelly. It is a name that will become familiar to you, due to an unlikely, but brilliant collaboration between David and young English musician James Breckon. Between them, they have created a body of work to rival the greats in the folk and classical music worlds.

The Rhaa are a 9 piece folk orchestra, authentically fronted by Rheana Forrester. Her beautifully expressive vocals, coupled with the group’s delivery of James’ cinematic arrangements are something spectacular to behold. They give a new perspective on traditional Folk Music. The Rhaa have recently been working in Liverpool’s world-famous Parr Street Studios (Coldplay, Kate Rusby and Justin Beiber among some of their other clients). Armed with 4 spectacular recorded songs and many more ready to perform, they are ready to take the Folk scene by storm.