Award-winning company 20 Stories High Youth Theatre is performing a brand new show, ‘Are you out there, World?’, for three nights at the Unity Theatre, 20th – 22nd July.

Promising to be an exciting and uplifting night out, audiences can expect buzzing energy, live music, and honesty with a sprinkling of anti-establishment, pro-environment anarchy.

Written by Sam O’Rouke and the youth theatre members and directed by 20 Stories High’s Associate Director Ameera Conrad, Are you out there, World? follows a group of young people who have the answer to life, to saving the planet, and to living in peace. The only thing getting in the way? Convincing the “grown ups” to trust them.

From the climate crisis to institutional racism, the teenagers in the show are ready to change things for the better. Fed up with the people in charge getting in the way, they decide to start their own political party to shake things up.

Mairead, 20 Stories High Youth Theatre member, who is in the show said:

“Working on the show has been so much fun and invigorating! It’s been really empowering too, feeling like people are really listening to and giving a platform to young voices.”

Ameera Conrad, Associate Director at 20 Stories High said:

“20 Stories High Youth Theatre are some of the most daring, hilarious, caring, and talented young people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Their voices and spirit are at the heart of everything that we do here, which I think is clear to see when watching this show!”

BAFTA-winning writer Sam O’Rourke said:

“As the world gets more awful by the day, young people are brilliant, brave, hilarious voices of hope and kindness. It was an absolutely privilege to get to spend time with the 20 Stories High Youth Theatre to try and capture their magic.”

Every performance is captioned, with a British Sign Language interpreted show on one date. Contains loud music and swearing.

Watch Are you out there, World? at Unity Theatre 20th – 22nd July, 7:30pm.

Tickets (£3/£5) are available from Unity Theatre Website.

In association with Unity Theatre. 20 Stories High Youth Theatre is supported by Arts Council England, Liverpool City Council, Children in Need, Coutts Foundation, and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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