Screenlife: Vertical Vlog with Andy Smith

Screenlife: Vertical vlog with Andy Smith

Vertical Vlog with Andy Smith

Another Liverpool first, we’re leading the way in creative filmmaking. Check out Andy’s experience of the Screenlife Accelerator course below:

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Rapid transformations in digital technology are changing the way we tell stories and the way the film industry operates.

Screenlife is an innovative platform developed by Bazelevs studios under the direction of Russia’s most commercially successful film director Timur Bekmambetov (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Ben-Hur).

Screenlife allows us to make feature films using readily available digital technology, for a fraction of the cost of traditional modes of filmmaking and significantly reducing the environmental impact of studio and location production.

The Screenlife format (Unfriended 2015, Profile 2018, Searching 2018) based on the point of view of our everyday screens such as social media and tele-conferencing, is ideally suited for this moment of remote living through a global pandemic.

Training in film production via Screenlife will allow filmmakers to continue to work productively through the Coronavirus lockdown and in the age of social distancing.

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