Eurotopia debuts as a captivating collection of 24 short music films, immersing viewers into the heart of the 2023 Liverpool Eurovision Village’s inaugural stage show: WELCOME TO EUROTOPIA.

Welcome To Eurotopia emerged as a cultural initiative that spearheaded Liverpool’s 2023 Eurovision Festival: a vibrant two-week celebration intertwining the rich tapestries of music, art, and culture, weaving narratives from Liverpool and Ukraine alike.

Set against the iconic backdrop of Liverpool’s cityscape, these films capture the visionary collaboration of Welcome To Eurotopia, led by local music artists Natalie McCool and Stealing Sheep and featuring a diverse collective of local and Ukrainian women and non-binary music artists, forming a formidable 10-piece supergroup.

With appearances from star guests such as OMD, The Lathums, She Drew The Gun and Jane Weaver performing a dynamic set of iconic songs from the city interwoven with vibrant Ukrainian musical and dance elements, what transpires is an avant-garde and expansive production, marked by a collective effort that includes dancers, choir, marching brass band, and string orchestra.

Through the lens of 24 strikingly candid films crafted by independent filmmaker Caroline Smith, viewers are afforded an intimate glimpse into the artistic process: from the singular proficiency of each performer to the symbiotic interplay engendered by collaboration.

This archival footage, spanning the weeks preceding the live event, unfolds steadily and mirrors the show’s meticulously curated setlist, while showcasing the collaborative efforts of the artists as they work together to craft the performance.

Ranging from concise 40-second vignettes to more elaborate 7-minute features, each film serves as a testament to the fervent dedication and consummate artistry which perfectly embodies the essence of Eurovision and the vibrant spirit of Liverpool.

Watch the documentary here.

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