St George’s Hall Charitable Trust is on a mission to create and install a statue of health pioneer, Mary Jane Seacole (1805-1881). Mary was voted the greatest black Briton in 2004 and the Trust believes that her outstanding achievements, as an influential black woman, a nurse, businesswoman and healer, deserve an enduring testament to our respect and recognition.

Join St George’s Hall for an evening celebrating her incredible life and support them in raising much needed funds to install her statue within the majestic Great Hall, becoming the first person of colour to be represented in a civic building. They will be joined by local artists and performers from the community to acknowledge the values she represents – courage, compassion, and equality. It is about recognising that we can all make a difference, just as she did, regardless of our background or circumstances.

Let’s come together, like Mary Seacole did during her lifetime, to make a difference, to stand up for what is right, and to ensure that her memory continues to shine brightly in our hearts and minds. Together, we can make this statue a reality and pay tribute to a remarkable woman who changed the course of history.

St George’s Hall look forward to welcoming you and celebrating her phenomenal legacy.

Event Date: Friday 27th October 2023

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