Artist Opportunities

Throughout the cultural and creative sector, there are a range of opportunities available throughout the year. The following pages are updated with current opportunities that area available throughout the Liverpool City Region and beyond.

Job vacancies, volunteering and commercial opportunities are detailed on separate pages.


Consultation on the Culture and Arts Investment Programme (CAIP) Framework

Start date: Thursday 16th June 2022
End date: Monday 11th July 2022

What are we consulting on?

We are consulting on the new draft framework for council funding of cultural organisations in Liverpool.

The new Culture and Arts Investment Programme (CAIP) aims to provide core support for the cultural sector and is planned to operate  from 2023/24 to 2025/26.  The draft framework includes eligibility and application criteria, and the proposed budgets for this period, including details of a proposed capital programme.

We are seeking comments from potential applicants to ensure the framework communicates the council’s objectives and requirement and that the language used  is clear.

We are also seeking views on the potential impact to groups from the protected characteristics to aid the  development of an Equality Impact Assessment  that will ensure the final process is fair, enables transparent decision making and brings benefits to all sections of Liverpool’s diverse communities.

Please note the CAIP Framework document is currently a draft only, it is likely that there will  be changes to the document ahead of the CAIP application process.

The information contained in the document does not oblige Liverpool City Council to any specific course of action in the future, nor guarantee budget availability.

How to comment

  • Comment online by completing the survey below. There are eight questions which will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
  • Start the CAIP survey
  • The closing date for comments Monday 11th July 2022.

What happens to my views?

  • We ask for your details on the survey so we can contact you to discuss your comments if we need to. Your comments may be included in the consultation report given to committee and published on this website, but your name and details will not appear next to them.
  • All comments will be kept solely for the purposes of this consultation and will be destroyed at the end of the CAIP programme at the end of March 2026.

·       What happens next?

  • Consultation results will be fed back to Culture Liverpool to make appropriate amendments to the framework. The CAIP programme is scheduled to open for applications once the consultation process is complete.

Further information

If you require more information, please email [email protected]

Call Out – Artist / Maker / Arts Collaborative

The World Reimagined is coming to Liverpool City Region!

Commission for multiple Artists to support The World Reimagined project

The World Reimagined initiative provides an opportunity to face the shared history about the Transatlantic Slave Trade with honesty and empathy and which recognises and celebrates the social, economic, and cultural contribution of Britain’s black communities. Operating across 7 UK cities, The World Reimagined will see trails of globe sculptures installed across cities and city regions that will bring to life the impact of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

As part of this national initiative, Liverpool City Region will see the installation of at least 40 globe sculptures alongside some digital installations that will form a heritage trail of the Journey of Discovery 9 themes dealing with the impact of Transatlantic Slavery and its enduring legacy and impact on contemporary racial inequality.

Liverpool City Region will host the trail of large Globe sculptures from 13th August to 31st October 2022, created by artists to bring to life a powerful journey of discovery that explores our shared history which will be visited by over 750 thousand people. The trails will be the centre of a broader learning and engagement programme, with schools, community groups, and cultural institutions from across the city region taking part.

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is seeking artists to work with our schools and community groups during June.

We wish to commission artists to work with schools to support them with their designs and creation of their learning globe, that will make up part of the National trail.

The globes will be created using materials such as acrylic paint, emulsion paints and Posca Pens. Click here for further guidance. Create your artwork – Wild in Art : Wild in Art


The commissioned artists will be responsible for delivering the following objectives:

  • Facilitate workshops with schools or community groups who require artistic guidance to create their designs for their learning globe in line with The World Reimagined 9 themes of discovery Journey of Discovery – The World Reimagined
  • Support schools or community groups with the creation of their learning globe in line with the themes of discovery
  • Equip schools or community groups with the skills, tools and confidence to curate a high-quality globe that represents the groups interpretations of the themes of The World Reimagined and their message to contribute towards racial justice in LCR.

By the end of the project the artist will have:

  • Supported and shaped schools or community groups designs for the learning globe in line with the 9 themes of discovery
  • Co-created a learning globe that represents the ideas of the school or community group
  • Supported with the artistic curation of a successful arts education programme to understand the impact of Trans-Atlantic slavery in line with the 9 themes of discovery

Fee Approach

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is looking for multiple artists to meet the needs of up to 30 schools and community groups. Each school or community group has a different support requirement which falls into one of three options, detailed below. We are seeking to match artists with schools, based on the availability of the artist. Each support commission will attract a fee of between £600 and £750 for the artist, with the potential to undertake multiple commissions subject to artist availability.

Download full Information Pack here

Freelance Opportunities

There are currently a range of freelance roles working on the Rugby League World Cup Cultural Festival, including Event Managers and Producers.

Details on these positions can be found below: