Calvino’s Half A Dozen (2017). Video 04’36”

Born in 1985, Albano Ribeiro is a Portuguese artist from the city of Guimarᾶes. A graduate in Heritage Management (Porto, 2012), he is currently concluding his Masters in Contemporary Artistic Creation at the University of Aveiro. His works make use of a variety of different fine arts, multimedia tools and methodologies, all of which are characterised by his search for a direct and simple idiom in an attempt to seduce viewers to travel along a path to the unknown through sensory perception. Most recently, he participated in SoCCoS (The Sound of Culture – The Culture of Sound), which was an artistic residency in Brussels (May – June 2016), and Inpossível – com n…entrar na possibilidade, an international show of academic work that took place in Azores (August 2016).