Pier Head

Experience a journey of Shanghai

Sharing the Losing is a 2-part piece happening at Mersey Ferries on Pier Head.

Ride a bike & listen to the sounds of our twin city in a participatory art piece.

Pick up an iconic yellow bicycle from outside Mersey Ferries Terminal, transported all the way from our twin city on our matched Waterfront, and listen to the sounds of Shanghai with an audio storytelling from the attached earphones, created by Yu Ji.

Hire a bike for FREE from inside the This is Shanghai Gallery in Cunard Building from between 11am – 1pm. Just be sure to have the bike back by 3pm!


Yu Ji discusses the most current life in contemporary Shanghai – the Sharing-Bicycles – through her own experience. The artist recalls: ‘as how it happened, I was always unlucky to pick up a wrong Mobike from the street that had some technical issues… I would have to keep riding it, otherwise I need to pay double price and spend longer time to find another bicycle… this seems to be the our daily reality now: if not a big problem, only a bit uncomfortable, just get on with it.’ Only some decades ago, bicycles in Shanghai (and China), were important properties – proudly possessed, used and maintained with extra cares. But today, following the development of the Sharing-Bicycles, they are no longer personal.

In the meantime, those bicycles placed in the public realm with the audio storytelling through earphones attached, invite participation, for the audience in Liverpool to experience Shanghai, or more accurately, a journey of the city.

Find out more about Liverpool’s relationship with Shanghai here.