Arts & Entertainment Programme – Changing Tides

Time and tide divide the modern-day cities of Liverpool, Dublin and Bordeaux – but it wasn’t always so.

Thousands of years ago the land on which the three port cities now stands was one, part of the great Eurasian landmass.

Over time ice melted, seas rose, land bridges were covered, and distinct and different landforms were created, eventually becoming the British Isles, Ireland and continental Europe.

But that deep Celtic connection remains, in outlook, personality and culture.

And this Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta is a chance to celebrate an ancient shared history through new performances, festivals, installations, sculptures, dance, music and happenings, which will all unfold on the Liverpool waterfront over a trio of culture-packed sites – with a flavour of Liverpool, Ireland and France – and three fabulous days.

Changing Tides not only showcases the amazing talents and innovation of the local, national and international artists taking part, but also examines the effect of rising water levels on the development of our distinct cultural identities as well as our sense of shared Celtic-ness.

And there are questions to be raised about our current environment, and how we treat the seas and oceans that both separate and link us.

The weekend runs from Friday May 25 to Monday May 28 – but look out for some celestial-inspired events in the week running up to the Tall Ships’ arrival.

The new commissions and world premieres in the programme are supported by Arts Council England.