Heading to the waterfront to join in the Queen Anne Cunard Naming Ceremony on Monday 3 June 2024? Stay around for an afternoon and evening of festival fun and frolics with a musical maritime flavour. Come down to the Pier Head from 2.30pm to see street theatre, listen to choirs and dance to the beats.

Here is your run-down of what is happening when.

2.30 – 4pm & 5 – 8.30pm: Pier Head/Princes Parade

Meet the Funnels – Artemis
Commissioned originally for the Cunard 175 (3 Queens) event, the playful Funnels are certainly characters in their own right. Drawing a crowd with their dancing, tooting horns and follow the leader shenanigans, they stand out and are guaranteed to provide a surprise or two. Local street theatre company, Artemis will be bringing the Funnels to us on the Pier Head along with their two larger than life octopus walkabout stilt characters, Cali Mari.

Cali and Mari – Artemis
Cali and Mari have emerged from the ocean and are curious to explore the world around them. Their companion Captain Barnacle helps them to navigate from the seaside to city streets to the Pier Head.

Lost Luggage Porters
Travel back in time with the Lost Luggage Porters to a world of monochrome, wonderment and curiosity. Join these silent movie characters in their quest to find the railway station, and experience their puzzlement and predicaments as they try to navigate their way through our modern-day metropolis to Princes Parade.

Two Oxbridge undergrads descend from their ivory towers and are off for a relaxing punt. Blissfully unaware of reality and physics the boat drifts along Princes Parade as they regale and serenade the public.

Elton Wrong
Elton Wrong comes to the Pier Head, driving a white piano and belting out classic songs just like a rocket man. You’ll be laughing like children and living like lovers as Elton brings an instant stadium gig to your town. A sneaky peek into the crazy world of pop music, super stardom, world domination and…The Lion King, with songs you’ll know and plenty of comedy too. Are you ready for love?

A fierce fusion of UK club music and the carnivals of Northeast Brazil – Katumba will create an explosion of rhythmic revelry on the Pier Head during the evening, that you can’t help but dance to!

More information about Katumba can be found here.

Wind-powered bubble machine and bubble making, huge or thousands of small ones. Come and see the bubbles on the Pier Head.

More information about BigBubbleman can be found here.

Seagull Lake – Contemporary Dance/Street Theatre (LEAP commission)
Dancing seagulls perform amongst the public, inviting young and old to join them in dancing, litter picking, and appreciating our community and environment. Blending ballet, contemporary dance, physical theatre, and a variety of global dance styles, the seagulls perform to an eclectic soundtrack, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Princes Parade.

More information about Seagull Lake can be found here.

Mersey Swing
Mersey Swing bring you the joy of Swing dance and Jazz diaspora music in a fun, social, creative and active atmosphere.

More information about Mersey Swing can be found here.

Mann Island Basin
Programme of family entertainment from 5.30pm – 8.30pm. Featuring commissions from the recent LEAP Festival.


17:30    Seagull Lake
18:00    Mersey Swing
18:20    SoSo Choir
18:50    Dockside Breakers
19:00    Mersey Swing
19:20    Seagull Lake
19:50    Dockside Breakers
20:00   OTW Choir
20:30   Close

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