‘Who run the world?’

Liverpool celebrates International Women's Day!

‘Who run the world?’

by Culture Liverpool

LIVERPOOL’s leading lights are today showing the world that a woman’s place is…at the top.

As part of the celebrations for International Women’s Day, the city’s female movers and shakers converged on the council’s headquarters to prove exactly how ‘equal’ the city is.

International Women’s Day, which is celebrated today (Thursday, March 8), is a global call to action for greater equality and fairness – also known as gender parity.

And the big message is, that in terms of political representation and leadership, Liverpool is one of the most equal cities in the country.

Nationally, just 33 per cent of all local councillors are women but in Liverpool half the council chamber is female.

Five of the council’s senior elected team are women, as are 12 of the 20 council’s senior officers.

Deputy Mayor, Cllr Ann O’Byrne said: “We have achieved gender parity by talent-spotting community activists who are already out there advocating for their neighbourhood or community of interest.”

“We spend time encouraging them to think about stepping up and becoming an elected representative of their community. As a result, we have recruited some outstanding candidates who bring fresh insight and enthusiasm to the task.”

Outside the council, women are well represented in other areas of public life in the city. The Crime Commissioner, Director of Public Health, three MPs and four MEPs are all women.

To recognise and celebrate this, the Mayor’s office has put together an online resource of poetry, blogs, music and art.

There are also video interviews with local women who speak about their greatest achievements, the challenges ahead and what it is like being a women in Liverpool today.

The council and its partners are using the day to promote the centenary of votes for women. They want to encourage more women to take part in the local council elections on Thursday May 3.

Liverpool City Council Returning Officer Jeanette McLoughlin added: “As we remember the efforts of those women who gained for us all the entitlement to vote, I would remind all women in the city to ensure they are registered to vote.”

To view Liverpool City Council’s International Women’s Day celebration resource, visit:

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