Local Solutions – Boosting Visitor Economy

This page is from 2016 and has been archived.
Please be aware that the information may be out of date.


According to the Local Solutions: Boosting the Visitor Economy report, “Local government is at the forefront of the UK’s economic recovery” as the potential of cities, like Liverpool, is being realised and it’s Councils which have embraced reform and are now the most efficient part of the public sector.

Did you know that “in 2014, tourism contributed £121.1 billion to the UK’s GDP (7.1 per cent) and the UK’s tourism sector is predicted to grow by an annual average 2.9 per cent over the next decade, outpacing nearly every other sector”. (according to Local Solutions: Boosting the Visitor Economy report), which makes tourism the UK’s third largest employer.

As a city, Liverpool understands the value of tourism and it’s financial value (nearly £4 billion a year) and its emotional value, a pride in your city in which you live, work and play.

The latest report (July 2016) entitled “Local Solutions: Boosting the Visitor Economy” shares independent research by RCS into the potential of devolution to further boost tourism and features case studies that share how councils are leading and growing the local tourism offer.

You can read the full publication online below, or download a copy here.