As part of our “Five minutes with…” series we took time out with the artist behind Kinetic Perspective – Juan A. Fuentes Munoz.

Inspired by the optical art illusions of the 1960s, artist Juan A. Fuentes Munoz creates an abstract, immersive geometric shape. A row of 16 illusions, each composed of two circles spinning in sync, gives the impression of a vanishing point at the eye level of visitors.

Hi Juan, welcome to River of Light! How do you feel about your artwork featuring in our Light Trail this year with Culture Liverpool?

It is an honour to be at your fantastic festival. This year, as I can observe from the assembly process, there are high-quality installations. I can’t wait to see all of them.

Could you tell us about your installation Juan, and what people can expect to see?

A row of sixteen illusions, each composed of two circles spinning in sync, gives the impression of a vanishing point at the eye level of visitors. Invited to actively participate and observe, the audience must move around to uncover the patterns, glimmers and distortion, in which a hidden geometry will be revealed.

That sounds so exciting Juan! Your artwork, Kinetic Perspective, is based on illusion, could you tell us a bit about your inspiration behind the installation?

Inspired by the Optical Art illusions of the 1960’s, Kinetic Perspective takes a simple piece as its starting point: an ever-spinning circle moving outwards and its illusory effect. In this way, the artist creates an abstract, immersive geometric shape, playing with the perspective of visitors by giving them the impression of movement.

Thank you Juan. So, since you’ve been in Liverpool, you will have hopefully spotted our thriving cultural and artistic scene – could you tell us what your favourite thing(s) are about the cultural scene in Liverpool?

I have been surprised by the large number of cultural events in this city and the importance given to them. I love the importance of the music events all around the city.

If anyone is thinking about coming down to our River of Light event, but is unsure, what would you say to them to explain why they should come and see your artwork?

It is a unique experience to be able to enjoy the city from another perspective with these ephemeral works of art.

Aside from your own creative works, is there any other artwork that you’re particularly keen on seeing?

One of my favourite light installations is “Affinity” by Amigo & Amigo. I has an amazing scale and you have the opportunity to interact with it.

What inspired you to get involved in the creative sector and be an artist? Do you face any challenges today and how do you overcome them?

Having done an architecture degree I developed the creative part of myself. The passion for creating experiences did the rest. A challenge is to shape an idea in your head. The passion and hard work is the way to overcome all the challenges.

Your work is inspirational, do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get into the creative sector?

Hard work, effort and passion.

Finally Juan, where can people go to find out more about your work and where you will be next?

You can check out my website – Light | Juanfuentestudio and my instagram profile @juanfuentestudio • Instagram photos and videos



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