Karen Wynne: dis/mis

Karen Wynne dis/mis

31 adjectives, a melody that lingers in space and time, and a visual journey combine to communicate something of the experience of being displaced…

dis/mis reflects people’s ability to remain hopeful, joyful, powerful, in the face of overwhelming difficulty, negativity and even hostility.

dis/mis is based on the ways I have been touched personally by the stories of people with whom I have worked across the last two decades, across Liverpool’s diverse communities. An amalgamation of feelings and experiences.

Groups of adjectives litter the work. The sounds of the street form the soundtrack. The visual journey is just that, a small journey – minute in comparison to the journeys of those who become refugees on arrival in Liverpool, the UK or elsewhere in the world – augmented with words, notes, sound.

I have drawn on my experiences of working with local refugee communities through Merseyside Refugee Support Network, SOLA Arts, Refugee Action, Family Hive, Liverpool Community College, Chaturangan and others, and through friendships with some of those I met who, mostly, are just people (often extraordinary people, but just people nonetheless), but who are often thought of as nothing more than a ‘refugee’.

dis/mis is a video piece, made using a mobile phone camera whilst making a short journey through my community on bike/on foot. The soundtrack is formed of the sounds around me on my journey, supplemented by an extract of my piece ‘Pilgrim’, a work for solo piano.

Displaced… Disoriented… Disorientated

Misplaced… Hopeful… Dismissed (my person)

Dispossessed… Disenfranchised… Misrepresented

Fearful… Misappropriated… Missing… Missed

Misspelt… Mispronounced… Misunderstood

Powerful… Joyful

Disempowered… Misheard

Respectful… Patient… Impatient

Disabled (my skills)… Discarded (my potential)

Distant (my home)Useful… Disputed (my story)

Distorted (my story)… Discharged (my autonomy)… Dislocated (me)

About Karen

Karen Wynne

Karen is a community worker, artist, activist and musician who has been living and working in Toxteth, Liverpool for the last 17 years.

She is proud to have worked with and for a wide range of organisations including SOLA Arts, Merseyside Refugee Support Network, Liverpool World Centre, Family Hive and more. Karen has a particular interest in migration and social justice.

As a musician she has worked in classical, West African, choral, rock and roll and various other genres. At the moment Karen is particularly loving creating music and soundscapes for dance companies including Sole Rebel and Chaturangan.