A new report reveals that the Liverpool’s cultural organisations generated around £27million pounds for the city in just one year.

The Social Impact of the Arts in Liverpool 2015/16 report looks at 36 cultural organisations in the city which are funded through the city council’s Culture Liverpool Investment Programme (CLIP).

It found that:

  • Arts organisations generated £27million into the city from a wide variety of local, national and international sources. This includes attracting millions of visitors and inward investment.
  • An impressive 29,840 cultural activities took place in the city from 2015/16, with 66% of this activity targeted at special groups – young people, homeless, veterans etc.
  • At least 4.6millions people attended CLIP funded events and festivals (broken down as 2,916,331 for events and 1,748,942 for festivals).
  • More than 258,000 people took part in CLIP activities.
  • The CLIP funding enabled the organisations to raise an additional £15,140,917 from public and private sources.
  • Organisations reported their activities achieved a huge array of social impacts and benefits – for example improving the lives of those experiencing homelessness, worklessness, long-term health issues or poor mental health. Young people with experience of the criminal justice system showed that those taking part in cultural events became more engaged in community, school and home life.

Full Programme

The full report, The Social Impact of the Arts in Liverpool 2015/16 report can be viewed below. Alternatively, to download your copy here>

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