Following on from the success of the exhibition ‘Travel in Style: Iconic Cunard Advertising in the 1920s and 1930s’ exhibition, the University of Liverpool is thrilled to announce that an online version is now available and accessible via their Digital Heritage Lab website. 

The University is home to a huge range of unique heritage collections held across their libraries, museums and galleries. The Digital Heritage Lab is the University of Liverpool’s new online collections platform, which aims to showcase all their collections whilst presenting opportunities for links to be drawn across them, collections to be examined at scale and new stories to be told.

These are exciting times as the collections are brought together in one place, with some – including Cunard material – becoming digitally accessible for the first time!

Event Date: Friday 26th April 2024 - Saturday 31st August 2024

Location: University of Liverpool

Categories: exhibition | Online

Contact Details: Special Collections and Archives

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