We meet thirty year old Eloise in a waiting room on a very important day, She’s waiting for something big and doesn’t know how to process it.

We jump into her childhood diaries exploring what’s brought her to this moment. At nine years old Eloise is a happy child and promising ballerina with no doubt she is going to grow up to be a star.

Then her periods start and completely derail her life. She’s thrown face first into a war against gaslighting doctors. They refuse to listen or believe her but she’s determined she will keep getting louder until someone hears. Eloise talks openly and bluntly about all things menstruation and menopause.

A heartbreaking and hilarious tale which anyone with endometriosis or another condition which has led to medical gaslighting will instantly recognise.

Event Date: Friday 8th March 2024 - Wednesday 8th May 2024

Categories: 2024 | Accessible Event | Arts | Dance | Digital | Free | Liverpool | Theatre

Contact Details: Jessica Meade, Tel: 07503212991

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