One Night. Ten speakers. Three Minutes Each. One Planet to save…

We’re all well aware of the urgency the climate crisis is placing on humanity. The odds are continuing to narrow (the Domesday Clock is at 90 seconds). We only have to glance in the news, at the extraordinary statistics, the unprecedented weather, the political stalemates; it’s time we got talking seriously about climate change and what solutions exist within our reach. We are, for one night only, going to offer the podium over to ten speakers, with three minutes each to present an idea, a notion, a proposed action, a policy, a something which will help us all to pull clear of the zero-sum game of ecological disaster.

After we have heard the ideas from ten speakers, the audience will choose three of the speakers to join a panel discussion for more interrogation, and the panel and audience will be challenged to debate the solutions which emerge.

A final summing up, and we’ll be back out on the street ready for action armed with the best ideas public debate can provide.

The event will also feature readings/performance from Bernadette McBride, author of Roots: Eco-Journal (2019), writer, director, and creative practitioner of Irish heritage who lives and works in Liverpool.

If you would like to be considered for an invitation to present your idea for 3 minutes, get in touch with [email protected].

Event Date: Thursday 2nd May 2024

Location: Metal at Edge Hill Station Tunnel Road Liverpool. L7 6ND

Categories: Festival | Ticketed

Contact Details: Writing on the Wall, Tel: 0151 703 0020

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