In celebration of Black History Month, the Windows Project has devised a new game for children and young people to express themselves in different mother-tongue languages, or write in a combination of languages.

For this, we will deliver a series of workshops at venues including – The Greenhouse Project, The Methodist Youth Centre and Acronym Community Empowerment.

These workshops will involve playing the game to collect words/languages and create poems and/or short stories in these languages. The participants will also create artwork to go alongside their writing.

The game encourages children to connect with their roots and express themselves in languages they might speak at home. Each child will receive 1-to-1 attention from our writing tutors during these workshops.

These workshops are free, and everyone is welcome to participate.

Funded by Liverpool City Fund.

Event Date: Sunday 1st October 2023 - Tuesday 31st October 2023

Categories: Black History Month | Poetry | Workshop

Contact Details: The Windows Project, Tel: 07710 644 325

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