Sick Mick is the debut novel by Daily Mirror journalist and writer, Brian Reade. Described as ‘Savagely Funny’ by The New European, Sick Mick is a darkly humorous tale of one man’s unwitting journey through the battlefield of culture wars.

In the aftermath of a tragic accident at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show, Britain finds itself plunged into chaos. When a beloved member of the Royal family falls into a coma after a stray pergola beam strikes, the nation mourns. But amidst the anguish, stand-up comedian Mick O’Shea seizes the moment to joke about the North Korean-style grieving enforced on Britons whenever a Royal falls ill. Little does Mick know that his comedic jabs ignite a wildfire of political outrage and public fury. Branded as Public Enemy Number One, Mick, trapped in the eye of a storm of controversy, becomes the target of a relentless manhunt.

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Event Date: Tuesday 28th May 2024

Location: Waterstones Liverpool ONE

Categories: Festival

Contact Details: Writing on the Wall, Tel: 0151 703 0020

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