This is the first event under the collective, and a first of its kind (as far as we know). Our interactive stack will be out in force, allowing everyone attending to have an influence on the sound at the venue. The event aims to take the culture and music from the underground scene and blend it with the interesting elements of experimental events.

Point to Point is an immersive and interactive event set up in Liverpool. We aim to bridge the gap between experimental and underground music events through interactive engagement with creative code. Our first part of this series is an interactive set. Using light sensors, the people on the dancefloor can interact with the music with the torch on their phones. The music will go through a change of effects, designed to be noticeable to hear the change but not overpowering to stop everyone from moving.

We want to question what the event goer is there for. Instead of being passive observers, they become active participants. We want to inspire people to connect to the music and space they have came to through art and immersive design. Ultimately we want to create an event that is more than a night out. It becomes a platform for artistic expression and social connection, pushing the boundaries of how music and technology can intersect.

Point to Point is more than just a series of music events; it is a movement towards a more interactive and engaging nightlife culture. By blurring the lines between audience and performer, we create a dynamic and inclusive environment where everyone has the opportunity to influence the experience. This not only makes each event unique but also allows for a deeper, more meaningful connection to the music and the community.

Event Date: Saturday 6th July 2024 - Sunday 7th July 2024

Categories: 2024 | Arts | Dance | Exhibition | Liverpool | Music | Participate | Ticketed

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