Writers, artists and creative practitioners from across the world have long supported the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality. In various ways, our featured writers, bestselling author, Kamila Shamsie, Basma Ghalayini, Editor of Palestine+100 and celebrated Spoken word artist Amina Atiq, have been personally impacted by the ongoing repression of the Palestinian people and the trauma inflicted upon them over many years of occupation.

The brutal murder of 1200 Israeli citizens by Hamas last October was shocking, provoking an expected response by the Israeli state. But the death of tens of thousands of Palestinians, including an estimated 13,450 children, the destruction of Gaza, and the devastation and displacement of Palestinian lives is a collective punishment, with many internationally now calling the Israel’s actions genocidal. The forthcoming ground offensive by the Israeli Army on Rafa means the estimated 1.5 million people, more than half of Gaza’s population, who are sheltering there, face a horror of unimaginable proportions. World-wide protests and opposition to the Israeli invasion of Gaza are making a difference; international support for Israel’s actions is now crumbling. Now, more than ever, voices of dissent are crucial and need to be amplified.

Peace for Palestine, building on the ‘Arts for Peace – To Gaza With Love’ walk WoW organised in December 2023, in partnership the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, Amina Atiq, Liverpool Irish Festival, Squash Liverpool, Mandela 8, First Take and Africa Oye, celebrates Palestinian voices – artists, writers and poets.

It is time for the people of the world to take a stand, calling for a peaceful settlement to bring an end to the current crisis. Together we must find and advocate for a solution that guarantees the human rights for all people in the region. Join us as we consider the roles that we can all play to in demanding peace for Palestine.

Event Date: Tuesday 21st May 2024

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Contact Details: Writing on the Wall, Tel: 0151 703 0020

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