Liverpool Malayalee Hindu Samajam proudly brings the mega event of Kathakali ( Katha – story, Kali – Play) and Chenda for the first time ever in the North West. Liverpool proudly will host this power packed event on the 26 th of October 2024 at the Cardinal Heenan Catholic School Arts Hall.

Kathakali is one of the most complex, highly charged power drama of storytelling with hand and face gestures originated in the 16 th Century. It combines dance and music with Hindu devotion, costume and make up. It creates one of the most mesmerising and sacred form of theatre art. It is native to Keralites ( southernmost state of India) and practiced by Malayalee. It is staged in the UK by Kalamandalam Barbaba
Vijaykumar who is the first ever woman Kathakali make-up artist in the world.

The splendid evening will be further power enhanced by a Chenda ( cylindrical percussion instrument) performance which will bring goose bumps and pull you out from your chairs. Chenda is an instrument made out of cow skin and very dear to Keralites practiced for over 300 years. The music produced by these are simply enthralling and played by Vinod Navadhara with is team of 13 th musicians.

There will be limited tickets available and please do book your seats in advance to avoid disappointment.

Event Date: Saturday 26th October 2024

Location: Cardinal Heenan High School, Honey's Green Ln, Liverpool L12 9HZ

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Contact Details: Brijith Baby, Tel: 07923437885

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