Get ready for an unforgettable celebration right in the heart of the Granby Four Streets at Granby Winter Garden!

Come along for ‘Harmonies of Heritage,’ a Black History Month special inspired by ‘The Jazz Project’, celebrating our individual and shared Black histories and creating space for us to thrive together. This space is about celebrating the journey you have been on to become who you are today and capturing that for the next generation.

Groove with Andrew Ibi: Warm up to the rhythm of afro-centric jazz through a vinyl DJ set by Andrew Ibi, a treat from ‘Black Jazz Heads Manchester’, coming to Liverpool for a jazz history education.

Share Your Story: Connect with your neighbours! Each and every one of us has a story, a unique upbringing and perspective and we want to hear yours. Tell your story on paper or use your spoken words to make sure that your story and wisdom lives on for generations to come…

Jam, Connect, and Create: Local musicians and community members are invited to join an interactive jam session that embodies the spirit of Black musical traditions. We’ll capture these moments for the history books.

‘Harmonies of Heritage’ is more than an event; it’s a celebration of community. Come as you are and be a part of this very special experience, where heritage meets harmony, right here in the heart of the Four Streets.

Event Date: Sunday 15th October 2023

Categories: Archive | Arts | Black History Month | Community Event | Family | Festival | Free | Heritage | Liverpool Against Racism | Music

Contact Details: Ni Maxine

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