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The St George’s Hall Experience: The History Whisperer™

The St George’s Hall Experience: The History Whisperer™

Since opening its doors in 1854, St George’s Hall has come to be recognised as one of the finest neoclassical buildings in the world.

When the Victorians designed and funded this iconic landmark, they sought to lift the human heart beyond the here and now, beyond the everyday and the ordinary; creating a place where all memorable moments in Liverpool life converge.

Behind the grandeur of its impressive Great Hall and Concert Room – lauded by the likes of Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens – lay the depressing doldrums of the prison cells and law courts.

The St George’s Hall Experience: The History Whisperer™ transports visitors to a time when this extraordinary building was the meeting point of both opulence and destitution.

Just like this city, our History Whisperer, Livie, is full of heart, humour, emotion and dreams. Join her, as she leads you through the sights and sounds of prison life, in an immersive journey through Liverpool’s social history…


The St George’s Hall Experience: The History Whisperer™ is a digital immersive programme which operates on allocated time slots. Please note:

  • For the purposes of health and safety, we can only accept a maximum of two wheelchair users per time slot.
  • Induction loops are available on Reception for visitors who require hearing aids
  • All other Accessibility information can be found here.


  • Tickets are available to purchase here
  • For a limited number of dates (up until Sunday 7 November), tickets are available for a nominal fee of £1 per person and will be granted on a first come, first served basis. Please note: 85p of the £1 fee will cover admin costs for Ticket Quarter, with the remaining 15p acting as a donation towards our official charity, St George’s Hall Charitable Trust. It is also worthy to note that the experience will run beyond Sunday 7 November, at a renewed price which will be confirmed in due course.
  • The St George’s Hall Experience: The History Whisperer™ is open Tuesdays-Saturdays.
  • The experience will take place over eight allocated 45-min time slots throughout the day, with the first time slot occurring at 10am, and the last time slot occurring at 3.15pm.
  • A maximum of 15 people can attend per time slot.
  • Ticket holders are asked to arrive approximately 10 mins prior to show time.
  • Please note: Show times are pre-programmed and will start promptly.
  • Please note: This event is not suitable for children aged 6 years or younger.

Event Date: Friday 8th October – Saturday 8th October 2022

LOCATION: St George's Hall, St George's Plateau, Liverpool

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