Dorota Modlinger: Mandala of Hope and Dreams – New Moon Ritual

In response to this year’s Festival 31 theme of Creative Connections, I held a live online performance. During this performance, I co-created a heart celebration of presence and life accompanied by drawing, live music, songs and candles. An important element of my work was the process of connecting with people from different cultures, countries of origin and age groups. Through our dialogue, the following subject was explored:

“What is your dream/idea you would like to manifest if you had total freedom of choice?”

These meaningful conversations formed the basis of the material I used to create a visual interpretation of the dreams, signs and symbols. I explored how 31 spaces/sections within one picture could be filled by the hopes and dreams of different people.

Mandala (Sanskrit ‘circle’), is a symbolic representation of the universe in which we are all interconnected. During the ritual, I dedicated space and time to each individual dream, which I perceived inseparable from the whole.

I was honoured to co-create this performance with multi-talented Polish musician, Ebuke Buke Bosebukeman.

Let’s gather together to connect intentions and manifest our collective dreams!

Scroll below to view the finished piece and collective dreams.

About Dorota

Dorota Modlinger

Dorota Modlinger is an interdisciplinary migrant artist born in 1985 in Poland. Her early years living in the countryside shaped her sensitivity and willingness to walk the path of beauty, and it is here she developed her artistic practise of drawing landscapes. Years of experience as a ballroom dancer imprinted a love for movement, performing and connecting with others through creativity and joyful activities. An MA in Fine Arts marked a time of deep exploration of various media and one year spent studying on an Erasmus exchange programme in Porto, Portugal taught her different cultures, perspectives and colours of life.

For the last 5 years, she has lived in Liverpool, developing both an individual visual expression in mixed media illustration and prints and collaborative art expression with others. She wishes to train in the field of art therapy. Liverpool and its unique identity and love for the community have allowed her to gain the confidence and freedom to facilitate art rituals/workshops with and for other people.

Dorota believes in the deep healing power of intuitive art-making. She often gains ideas and inspiration from cycles of nature, Carl G. Jung, meditation, children, Buddhist humanism, playing and trance tradition. She finds it fascinating to listen to ordinary stories and the perspectives of other people. She feels honoured to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. Her work could be characterised by the words: “Oneness of life and its environment”.

Dorota has taken part in many exhibitions and projects and currently collaborates with the dance group Movema and Merseyside Polonia.

Facebook: @dorota.modlinger

Instagram: @dorota_modlinger