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What is China Dream?

China’s status as a global cultural superpower is coming more and more into focus as their role in the world grows. Liverpool and China have a long and rich relationship – the city boasts the oldest Chinese population in Europe and with its shared architectural and emotional characteristics has been twinned with Shanghai since 1999.

In 2018, the arrival of the Terracotta Warriors to Liverpool – the first time in a generation they are on display in the UK – provides the perfect backdrop to explore the future cultural relationship between the UK and China. China Dream is an 8-month long season of exhibitions, performances, events and happenings which aim to shine a light on modern Chinese culture, to build relationships between leading organisations in both countries and to begin exploring the foundations of future cultural relationships.

China Dream will tell the stories of Chinese Diaspora living in the UK and provide a platform to showcase the best in Chinese art, music and performance and hopefully inspire a new and deeper understanding of our shared cultures in a digitally connected world.