Liverpool Chess Club (LCC) and Chess in Schools & Communities developed an exciting programme of chess activities that took place throughout ‘EuroFestival’, including giant chess boards and pop-up tutorials.

Connecting Liverpool with its twin city of Odesa in Ukraine, a game between the two cities was livestreamed bringing a friendly competition to the proceedings. Chess is hugely important and popular in Ukrainian culture, with top players hailed as celebrities.

Founded in 1837 at the Lyceum on Bold Street, Liverpool Chess Club is one of the oldest clubs in the world. Chess in Schools & Communities is a national charity that delivers chess to schools in Merseyside and has taught over 15,000 children in the city to play since its inception.

As a universal game that crosses all barriers of language, culture, age, disability and geography – we encouraged as many people as possible to get involved and take part.

You can still get involved with future projects. Register your interest with Chess in Schools & Communities here.

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