Become a Sail Trainee

Fancy being a sail trainee aboard a Tall Ship?

We’re looking for young people aged 16+ to embark on a lifechanging journey at sea racing from Liverpool to Dublin as part of the Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta

Sail training gives you the opportunity to step into a world of adventure. A world where you can challenge yourself, learn new skills, and make new friends from around the world.

It’s an adventure activity for individuals of all ages. The experience of being at sea and learning to sail helps people learn about themselves, discover hidden strengths and talents, and understand the value of teamwork.

There’s no other feeling like crashing through the waves, on a vessel where you’re an essential part of the crew. You could be steering at the helm, or preparing dinner in the galley. You might be scrubbing the decks, or raising the sails. Whatever you’re doing, you’ll be part of a watch and you’ll have an experience you’ll never forget.

Here’s all the information you need to get involved.