A special commission, ‘Harmony of Dragons’ is a musical masterpiece that transcends borders, seamlessly fusing the enchanting traditions of the East with the dynamic rhythms of the West. This extraordinary composition celebrates the profound cultural symbolism of the dragon in Chinese folklore, creating a harmonious journey through time and tradition.

In collaboration with the iconic musician Jah Wobble, virtuoso Tian Qiyi, and the Imagine Bamboo Ensemble, ‘Harmony of Dragons’ takes listeners on a mesmerising sonic experience. The erhu, with its enchanting sounds, gracefully traverses the track, capturing the mythical dragon’s majestic flight and infusing the composition with a rich cultural tapestry.

In a harmonious crescendo, Shanghai’s musical maestros, Wang Shuai, an award-winning Sona player, and Lin Yuchen, a 5th generation Pingtan singer, join this collaboration. Their inclusion marks 25 years of the special twinning between the vibrant cities of Liverpool and Shanghai.

These two gifted artists from Shanghai serve as cultural ambassadors, weaving a mesmerising musical tapestry that pays homage to their rich heritage. Simultaneously, it sets the stage for a year-long celebration, commemorating the enduring bond between Liverpool and Shanghai, and symbolising the unity that transcends geographical boundaries.

This piece stands as a testament to the magical convergence of cultures in ‘Harmony of Dragons’ and the continued celebration of the special twinning between Liverpool and Shanghai. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this transcendent musical odyssey that marks another year of fusion and cultural harmony.

7 Dragons

Featuring the Suona, 7 Dragons amalgamates familiar traditional Chinese melodies with contemporary elements, echoing the dragon’s timeless intelligence, allure and adaptability. In Buddhist terms, 7 Dragons also refers to the Buddha amulet which not only has the efficacy of the Seven Dragon Buddha for protection against disasters, but can also enhance the wearer’s luck, including wealth, career and health. The Dragon King, in order to protect the Buddha’s meditation, not only battles with demons but also forms a colourful protective umbrella around the Buddha, helping the Buddha to inherit meditation by shielding from wind and rain.

Dragon & Liverbird

Features the Suona played by Wang Shuai from the Shanghai Music Conservatoire. The Suona is a traditional Chinese reed instrument known for its bright tone, commonly used in festivals and celebrations. This track symbolizes the dragon’s auspiciousness and the unity it embodies in Chinese lore, merging traditional Chinese motifs with the European motorik drum pattern reminiscent of krautrock.

Harmony of Dragons

Harmony of Dragons, features musicians from the Imagine Bamboo Ensemble and emphasises the power and strength of the dragon.

This event has been specially commissioned for the Lunar New Year Celebrations 2024 by Culture Liverpool, supported by Arts Council Eurovision Legacy Programme and Liverpool City Region Music Board.

Event Date: Friday 9th February 2024 - Sunday 11th February 2024

Categories: Chinese New Year | Lunar New Year

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