The Lunar New Year celebrations will culminate with a day of free fun for all the family on Sunday 11 February. From 11am until 5pm Chinatown will once again play host to the Chinese Dragon, Unicorn and Lion procession, food stalls, art workshops with make and do activities as well as street theatre, storytelling and the popular funfair.

A programme of live performances is planned on the Great George Square stage throughout the day and includes the following activity.

Sunday 11 February  Great George Square, 11.30am – 5pm
11.30am – 12.15pm Kwong Tam Merseyside School of Tai Chi (in association with See Yep Association) 年春節太極表演次序
Simplified Tai Chi (24-step form) 簡化太極
Simplified Tai Chi Sword (32-step form)簡化太極劍
Yang Style Tai Chi (108-step form) 揚家太極
Yang Style Tai Chi Sword (54-step form) 太極劍
Yang Style Broad Sword (32-step form) 揚家太極刀
12.15pm – 1.00pm Pagoda Arts – Flower Drums, Fan Tai Chi, Dance & Happy Dance
1.00pm – 1.40pm Firecracker Display – Lucky Man, Dragon & Unicorn Parades
1.40pm – 1.55pm Liverpool Hung Gar Kung Fu Friendship Association – Martial Arts Demonstration
2.00pm – 2.05pm North East Wales Chinese Women’s Association – Traditional Dance
2.10pm – 2.15pm UK Phoenix Qipao Chinese Cultural & Art Association – Traditional Dance
2.20pm – 2.35pm Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre Leisure & Cultural Group
Jiangnan Love
Fernleaf Bamboo in the Moonlight
Love of the Nanshui Lake – Fan Dance
2:40pm – 2.45pm Wirral Chinese Cultural Association – Classical Dance – Floating Year Lamp
2.50pm – 2.55pm Friendship Dancers – Traditional Chinese Dance – Chinese Tea Picking
3.00pm – 3.20pm Tian Qiyi & Jinny Shaw – Chinese Fusion Music
3.20pm – 3.30pm Movema Dance – Dragon Kung Fu Flow
3.30pm – 3.45pm Tian Qiyi – Chinese Fusion Music – Harmony of Dragons
3.45pm – 3.50pm Friendship Dancers – Traditional Chinese Dance – Spring Flower
3.55pm – 4.15pm Tian Qiyi – Chinese Fusion Music – Harmony of Dragons
4.15pm – 4.25pm Movema Dance – Dragon Kung Fu Flow
4.30pm – 4.55pm Bring the Fire Project Fire Finale
** All times are subject to change. Please check website and social media for any updates

Event Date: Sunday 11th February 2024

Categories: Chinese New Year | Lunar New Year

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