The strength that Liverpool has displayed throughout the pandemic is astonishing. To show our gratitude to everybody that has stepped up to protect our community, we have created a game that emphasises Liverpool’s extraordinary spirit. 

On the 23rd of March 2022, head down to The Museum of Liverpool and immerse yourself in a thrilling projection-mapped game. Step inside the specially designed game booth and take part in a massive interactive game displayed on the side of the Museum of Liverpool. You can play as one of the many community figures who have worked tirelessly to keep everyone safe and well during such a challenging time. 

Themed around Liverpool, the aim is to collect as many objects and messages as possible in sixty seconds. Using a non-contact controller, you can work in pairs or as a group to navigate your way up staircases and across ledges, all while avoiding barrels that attempt to deter you from your mission. The experience is truly immersive, moving your whole body to control the direction of your character as you work as a team to collect the objects and messages. 

The objects you collect will be related to your character, and you can find out more about them by collecting the messages! These are real messages from community figures across Liverpool, and this is a great way to share their voices. We recognise that people from all walks of life, in different roles and backgrounds, have pulled together and highlighted the power of our community spirit. This is our way of giving thanks to all those who have shown resilience in the face of adversity. 

This game has been a collaborative effort between Liverpool-based companies, DefProc Engineering, who have created the software, console and enclosure, and Focal Studios and Apt Creative, who have produced the art and animations. DefProc and Focal previously collaborated on LUX for Liverpool LightNight 2021.

View the full game event and interviews from the team behind the scenes below.