Mobile Learning – Apps for All

The University of Liverpool have a range of digital tools to help with online learning and with a range of interactive mobile apps and online resources to suit all interests – there’s plenty to keep you busy whether you’re the teacher or the pupil during lockdown!

The Viking Age in the North West

This exciting project is led by Dr Clare Downham, a medieval  historian at the University of Liverpool. Using an app (you can download it for free to your mobile phone or tablet) you can discover a range of places in North West England which shed light on the history of Viking settlement and integration, ranging from place-names and archaeological finds to stone sculptures. The map helps you to find the ancient sites and visit them or you can take a peek through the alphabetical list. Each of the Viking sites is accompanied by a brief description and images as well as references to find out more information.

The Sisters of Mersey

Did you know, there have been lots of inspirational and powerful female women from Liverpool who have managed to shape the history of the world? The Sisters of Mersey is a women’s history app specifically designed to chart the history of women’s experiences and contributions to the city of Liverpool.

Originating in the research of Dr Samantha Caslin, a historian at the University of Liverpool, this project aims to work with the community to provide information and inspiration from the Merseyside women who have shaped history. Already featuring sections on Crime, Charity, Politics and on Popular Culture the map identifies sites of historical importance while the text and audio features explain the background of the women who influenced our society, and the ability to feed into the development of the app means that you too can help guide future content!

Sniffing The Past

If you’re a fan of our four legged friends, then you may want to check out these fascinating blogs by Dr Chris Pearson, a historian at the University of Liverpool working on the history of dogs in London, New York and Paris, as well as environmental history and French history. Using the Sniffing the Past app, you can now discover how dogs have shaped the great cities of the world through the University’s interactive maps, which guide you through landmarks and points-of-interest. You can also upload your locations and photos too – anyone for a socially distanced dog walk?

The Battle of Waterloo

The Battle of Waterloo was a titanic struggle which saw some 45,000 men and 5,000 horses killed or wounded in a space no greater than three square miles. Today the battlefield is well-preserved, and much visited, but, curiously enough, much of it is little known, few visitors penetrate very far beyond the great mound put up by the Dutch government to mark the battlefield in 1815. Based on fieldwork conducted by Professor Charles J. Esdaile in conjunction with the Royal Army Museum in Brussels, this app by the University of Liverpool is designed to allow visitors (both virtual and physical) to explore the site at their leisure – perfect for history fans everywhere!