The decision has been made this year to hold a virtual service which will be streamed online on Sunday 8 November.

There will be no public gathering on this day and anyone who would like to lay wreaths at the Cenotaph on St George’s Hall plateau is asked to avoid 11.00am on Remembrance Sunday (8 Nov) and 11.00am on Armistice Day (11 Nov).  Instead your are urged to find a time over the four days (8-11 November) to pay your respects while adhering to social distancing.

Full details of the virtual service and how people can watch the proceedings will be announced in the coming weeks.

Will there be any road closures?

This year, as there is no traditional outdoor Service of Remembrance ceremony, road closures will not apply as normal.

Where can I view the event?

Due to the #Covid19 pandemic, for the safety of the public and in line with current restrictions, there is no public outdoor Service of Remembrance this year. Instead, there will be a broadcast available to view online available here:

Who takes part in the Service?

The Service of Remembrance is a multi-denominational event with members of a variety of religions present to represent all areas of the community.

This year there are only be key representatives from the Military, Ex-Service Organisations, clergy, faith and civic members of the community.

I am a veteran / cadet / family member of serving personnel and want to take part – how do I get involved?

Unfortunately, this year, there is no formal opportunity to march / parade at St George’s Hall due to the current pandemic.

Will the event be broadcast anywhere as I am unable to attend in person?

Various social media channels including: Culture Liverpool, St George’s Hall and Liverpool City Council will all be covering the event with live updates including film and photography from the event.

You can view the full event online here

Will you be remembering the animals lost in conflict too?

The mounted Police will display purple poppies on the horses during the remembrance period and a wreath will be laid at the cenotaph.

I am sensitive to loud noise / crowds / bright lights / unplanned ‘surprises’ as a veteran – are there any particular ‘moments’ that I should be aware of?

A Royal Navy vessel will signal the start and end of the 2mintue silence on 11 November 2020.

There are no other forecasted ‘loud noises’ or ‘moments’.

This is an emotional time of year for me and my family/ friends – is there anywhere I can reflect / take time away?

Unfortunately, Liverpool Town Hall is closed this year due to the pandemic so we advise you don’t visit to attend the Hall of Remembrance.

Please visit our useful links page which has details on support available to you around the clock, free of charge.

How are you remembering the fallen during conflict? How can I remember them?

We have a digital wall of honour which is available on the Culture Liverpool website for anyone who wishes to leave a message for anyone they wish to remember.

This can be accessed here:

If you wish to submit a memory you can follow the links on the website or click here:

You can read about the memories people have left, about the city’s involvement during times of conflict and the stories of residents from the city region on our website:

To build on last year’s reading by Jane Weir of her poem, ‘Poppies’ we have commissioned a spoken word artist to create a new piece of work reflecting remembrance based on a brief around remembrance for the city, community, comment on 2020, love and loss, from a young perspective with emphasis on the forces and our veterans, forgotten sacrifices and home.