Noel Urbain: ISOMBE, A Burundian Recipe

ISOMBE is a Burundian traditional recipe which is primarily based on grinded cassava leaves, and a favourite dish in other African countries. It’s traditionally believed to be rich in iron, vitamins and other nutrients due to it’s a combination of leafy greens and beef. Whilst refugees embrace a new cultural shift into host countries, finding traditional foods is one of the major challenges. Therefore, my commission piece shares a narrative recorded as a video while gathering the ingredients from different countries to prepare a version of ISOMBE. I believe that the refugees/immigrants from different backgrounds could be inspired by the video and try to prepare their traditional dishes based on locally available ingredients. I hope the video will not only be beneficial to refugees but also to members of local communities enabling them to experiment with new food tastes.

About Noel

Noel Urbain is from Burundi. He is an Architect, with experience of art management. He is passionate about combining emerging technology with creative arts for the wellbeing and decent living of people. He has been volunteering at SOLA Art since 2016, developing their website and supporting the ALL IN ONE Studio. He has previously taken part in FESTIVAL 31, supporting their social media promotion, delivering public talks about refugee themes, interviews on BBC Merseyside Radio and digital exhibitions at TATE Gallery Liverpool.


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