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My Home is My Museum

My Home is My Museum

As well as opening up venues virtually, National Museums Liverpool has also launched a new project for 4-to-11 year olds to create their own museums.

Imagine creating your own exhibition or gallery of artworks inspired by you! What would you like people to know about you? What are the important things in your home that are close to your heart? Who might you paint a picture of? Toys, special outfits, holiday souvenirs and much-loved teddy bears are some of the many things you might wish to include as objects are artworks.

We’d love to hear all about you and your story so let’s get creative! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Create a list of up to 10 objects that would be in an exhibition about you – write a short description about each one saying why you think they should be part of your display.


  • Create your own art gallery – draw, paint or make up to 10 of your very own artistic creations that represent the objects or people that are important to you. Write a short explanation of why you chose them.


·         Name your exhibition – keep it simple by naming it after you, or be more inventive!

·         Design a poster – every great exhibition has a brilliant poster to go with it, to entice visitors to come and see it. Design something eye-catching!

·         Create a promotional video – ask your mum, dad, carer or guardian to help you take a video to promote your exhibition and what it’s all about. It should be up to 60 seconds long, filmed in landscape mode on a smartphone, and then shared on our social media accounts for everyone to see, using the hashtag #MyHomeIsMyMuseum

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Live Film Screening: Daughters of the Windrush

The Museum of Liverpool was due to screen the documentary film Daughters of the Windrush to mark Windrush Day but as the museum is currently closed they have partnered with Blackburne House to co-host an online screening instead. If you’re interested in the screening of the film please register your interest on Eventbrite.

Image: Daughters of the Windrush © Hambi Haralambous

The Great British Arts Quiz

World Museum Liverpool

Museums around the UK are closed due to coronavirus – but you can explore their collections with The Guardian’s tricky quiz, set by a different gallery or arts institution each day. Monday 13 April welcomed the involvement of National Museums Liverpool collaboration with Art UK.

Whether you want to flex your brain power or you are just simply looking for a bit of fun, you can take the quiz here.

Virtual Tours

Connecting our Communities: NML Education

In addition to the above, NML are running virtual tours from World Museum Liverpool and International Slavery Museum Liverpool. Discover these, alongside other local and international virtual tours here: