Rachael Mutch in collaboration with Hope Street Ltd’s On The Verge Festival

96/27 is a true account of a survivor’s experience of Hillsborough. The words are real. The sounds you hear are those from the terraces of the kop. The words will immerse the audience in this traumatic and historic event.

Rachael Mutch in collaboration with Hope Street Ltd’s On The Verge Festival

by Culture Liverpool

This page is from 2017 and has been archived.
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In creating the piece, Rachael Mutch has incorporated real life documented words from a survivor of this tragedy and integrated YouTube videos to tell the story of one person’s experience.

This play, performed in a cramped changing room communicates how the aftermath of a traumatic experience can cause mental health issues and asks the question ‘can storytelling start the healing process for people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? ’

This project would stand out in the city of Liverpool as a piece of must see artistry. The documented words of the piece are from the performers own family member who has only recently spoken out about her ordeal after all this time.


About the Artist

Rachael Mutch is a creative, passionate advocate within the visual arts field. She has a particular interest in using the arts to engage and influence disadvantaged communities – believing that art is not a privilege, but a right. Her experience working with young people for over 14 years within inner city Liverpool has enriched her skill set as a practitioner and without doubt, it is this that has directly correlated with her work ethic and drive to succeed in helping others to learn the value of the arts in everyday life. As an artist Rachael has a want to take risks, tell stories and be a voice for the marginalised.


About On The Verge Festival

On The Verge Festival is an exciting and dynamic biennial festival, dedicated to supporting and showcasing provocative new work in unusual places and spaces, across the city of Liverpool from 19th to 22nd October 2017. On the Verge not only showcases new work, it’s also offers a 9 month programme during which the selected artists/companies have access to a bespoke package of developmental support from Hope Street Ltd before, during and after the festival.

In addition to ’96/27’, the festival will present other work by emerging artists in a variety of unique spaces including a bus, a karaoke bar, a locker room, a bar and even beneath a gigantic skirt, but this won’t be the only show that references football; as part of On the Verge, Hope Street Ltd will bring the multi-award winning Vero Cendoya Dance Company to Liverpool, presenting the UK premier of their exceptional  performance THE MATCH, where football and dance meet on the field.


Unusual spaces

An important part of the festival is to perform in unusual spaces. Places that communities can go to watch performances and not feel restricted by having to go into a traditional theatre setting.

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