Meet Parrjazz – promoting the growth of inclusive audiences and venues for live jazz music in Liverpool City Region

Meet Parrjazz – promoting the growth of inclusive audiences and venues for live jazz music in Liverpool City Region

by Culture Liverpool

“I don’t like Jazz, but I liked that!” How many times have we heard that?

About Parjazz Ltd

Liverpool’s Parrjazz was started by musicians in the optimistic atmosphere created by Liverpool Capital of Culture, 2008, and for over 10 years they have promoted top international players: Snarky Puppy/FORQ/Gogo Penguin/Alan Barnes/Dennis Rollins and loads more.

Parrjazz has introduced and supported new players as well as developing venues: Studio2/On Air/Ma Boyles/Frederiks. Parrjazz, led by musicians, is non-profit and supports new talent, from the LIPA guys to those making the move from rock, pop and soul to walking on the Jazz-side!

Several gigs every night of the week make Jazz, in all its forms, a booming part of Liverpool’s music scene. Tuesday’s Parrjazz delivers a storming jam session in Studio2 Parr Street with jazz touring players – they’ve had Japanese martial arts rockers and American proggers playing with students and Liverpool schmoozers.

The menu is wide. Angular free-jazz, early roots, ragtime, classic swing, the coolest cool cats, jazz-rock fusion, prog, funk and trippy youngsters working their way out of the trancey psych soup.

What’s been happening this year?

Summer to autumn in Liverpool has seen spectacular artists. June was kicked off into a dark gothic castle by Liverpool’s own Blind Monk Trio cascading Black Sabbath/Stranglers/Coltrane at Ma Boyle’s Alehouse and Eatery; the local vicar sat outside, cigar and a single malt.

The rest of June in Studio2 was a blast. San Francisco’s Paul McCandless with Charged Particles, closing off with a packed house for USA’s finest Prog/Fusion outfit, FORQ, touring their latest record Thrēq. FORQ’s storming acid-jazz rocker Cowabunghole created a jazz mosh pit!

July gave us The California Jazz Conservatory showcasing west coast talent. Nashville’s Suzahn Fiering gave us a master class in songwriting. As August broke, Barry’s Boptet smashed out the best of Be Bop – Herdsmen to Miles Davis. Sax legend Dean Masser carried on the theme. September, had Guitar/Hammond/Drums combo Tobie Carpenter Organ Trio, touring their debut EP Dead Pan Party.

What does the future hold in store?

October is a jazz-feast. Leading UK Jazz talents Brigitte Beraha’s Babelfish on the 2nd, UNMISSABLE Bristopian jazz-trippers Get The Blessing on the 11th (Tickets from See Tickets/Skiddle), Robert Mitchell’s Epiphany 3 on 16th, guitarist Stuart McCallum on 23rd, with the insane Baked A La Ska Halloween Special on the 30th.

November will feature two sax heavyweights – Benn Clatworthy and Greg Abate………… nice!

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