Liverpool x Hanover = Love Language EP

With love from Liverpool, the latest blog by Head of UNESCO City of Music Kev McManus, explores the powerful musical relationship between two music cities.

Liverpool x Hanover = Love Language EP

by Culture Liverpool

“The release of the Love Language EP this week prompted me to look back at our recent collaborative work with Hannover.

Since we achieved the UNESCO City of Music designation in December 2015 we have enjoyed a hugely productive relationship with this vibrant and welcoming German city. The UNESCO music office there  is led by the wonderful Alice Moser who has proven to be a great friend to Liverpool.  Not long after we got the UNESCO designation Alice visited Liverpool and met a number of people from the local music scene impressing them all with her enthusiasm to work with us. 

Since then there have been a number of positive outcomes. A local choir led by Jennifer John went over there to perform while Astles (who came through the LIMF Academy) made the most of the opportunity to spend a week there, playing with musicians from across Europe. The hugely talented Luna (another LIMF Academy graduate) also enjoyed spending some time there earlier this year as did the brilliant DJ Giovanna. The Liverpool based L’Orchestra dell ‘Arte also arranged for an exchange of soloists between the two cities.

On a much  bigger scale last year there was a really important collaboration between the two cities when the Liverpool Phil and Hannover’s NDR orchestra combined to perform Britten’s War Requiem in both cities to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of armistice day. I was lucky enough to see what was a hugely impressive and emotional performance.”

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