Liverpool – Land of the Ship Giants

by Culture Liverpool

This page is from 2014 and has been archived.
Please be aware that the information may be out of date.

The largest ‘Jack-up’ barge in the world will make an impromptu visit to Liverpool Cruise Terminal on Friday 28th February to take on board stores and refuel.

This vessel was designed, built and is managed by Swire Blue Ocean group and is just a year old, having been named in April 2013.

An Osprey is a large fish-eating bird of prey found throughout the world; however the ship that bares the same name, can only be found in certain ports due to her sheer size; Liverpool Cruise Terminal is an ideal in-river berthing facility for a ship of this scale

Pacific Osprey carries and installs wind turbines.  She is 169m long and 49m wide and has six ‘legs’ which are 105 m long and can extend 80m below water. By fixing her legs to the seabed, and raising the upwards, she effectively becomes a static platform for working out at sea in much the same way as an oil rig.

Ospreys advanced specification sets the new industry benchmark for vessel transit speed, lifting capability and jacking speed, offering a significantly improved operating weather window.

We look forward to welcoming her tomorrow with some impressive ‘action’ shots to follow!

Pacific Osprey

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