Culture Liverpool does the treble!

Culture Liverpool does the treble!

by Culture Liverpool

This page is from 2015 and has been archived.
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Memories logo large png with blank backgroundEventex Awards Gala in Sofia last night honored event professionals from Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Finland and the UK in addition to India, USA and Saudi Arabia.  The Event of the Year is Turn On the Lights 2014, executed by the Dutch company Xsaga. The event is held every year in the premium department store in Holland to mark the start of the festive season.

9 companies won prizes in more than one category and Liverpool City Council won prizes in three categories winning People’s Choice Event of 2014 and won the 2 second place in Event of the Year, and Best Cultural Event for the 2014 event “Giant Spectacular: Memories of August 1914” event run by Culture Liverpool.

The 2-hour Gala was hosted by Alan Stevens and live streamed on the Eventex website.

Detailed information on all winners is available here

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