What’s on – Mersey River Festival 2017

This page is from 2016 and has been archived.
Please be aware that the information may be out of date.

We have a host of events taking place across Liverpool Waterfront for the Mersey River Festival this year including a variety of music stages, pop-up street theatre, tall ships and children’s activities!


What is on and Where?

There is so much to see and enjoy across the waterfront, on land, on water and in the air! If you want to find out the times and locations of your favourite activities, just take a look at the what’s on below, click on the event you’re interested in and it will provide you with full details.

Alternatively if you would like to see a full what’s on listing per day at the event – click on the day you are interested in below and we have put together a “What’s On” listing for each location along the waterfront with links to individual events, should you want more information. It’s in a listing format so easy to check at a glance, print off or save on your phone!


If you would prefer to download a pdf copy of the What’s on Listing – click the relevant link below.

Music: The Lowdown and Line up

This year, the Mersey River Festival is playing host to the National Armed Forces Day which is taking place on Saturday 24 June. This means we will not be having a main stage on the Pier Head as in previous years – instead, we will have a number of smaller stages located across the waterfront.

These stages include the Ship Stage (on board Tall Ship Kaskelot); the BME Stage (in front of the Cunard Building), Mann Island Stage (in Mann Island Basin, behind the Open Eye Gallery) and the Liverpool Cruise Terminal.

  • Tall Ship Kaskelot

    Tall Ship Kaskelot

    albert dock
    Fri 23 Jun ‘17 - Sat 24 Jun ‘17

    Originally built in Denmark in 1948 by renowned shipyard J Ring Andersen at Svenborg to carry supplies to remote coastal settlements in East Greenland, Kaskelot worked during the 1960's as a

  • ThunderCat Racing UK

    ThunderCat Racing UK

    liverpool waterfront
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17

    ThunderCat Racing in 2004 saw only three countries participating – South Africa, New Zealand and Australia and has now expanded to over 20 countries; having mass appeal to all ages

  • Pelican of London

    Pelican of London

    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Originally built in 1946, her conversion from Arctic trawler to tall ship was completed in 2007 and she now travels thousands of miles each year as a sailing ship for

  • Shtandart Tall Ship

    Shtandart Tall Ship

    Albert Dock
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    The Frigate Shtandart is the exact replica of the man-of-war built by Peter the Great in 1703 in order to defend Saint Petersburg. Often part of maritime festivals in European

  • Food and Drink

    Food and Drink

    Liverpool waterfront
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    If you feel peckish at the Mersey River Festival and Armed Forces Day events there are wide range of food and drinks concessions on site to suite whatever mood you’re

  • The Earl Of Pembroke

    The Earl Of Pembroke

    albert dock
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Earl of Pembroke offers its decks for you to feel like a Tall Ship sailor of the past while on a voyage of discovery. Why Earl of Pembroke, you may ask?

  • Royal Marines Band of Scotland

    Royal Marines Band of Scotland

    Liverpool cruise terminal
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    These versatile and talented musicians play all over Scotland and the North of England  with a repertoire of music that embraces popular classics, music from the Big Band era and

  • Display Arena

    Display Arena

    cruise terminal
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Saturday 24 June:  12:30 British Army – Royal Engineers bridge building demonstration 1:00pm Royal Marines unarmed combat display 1:25pm Sea Cadets – Field Gun display run 1:45pm Royal Air Force

  • Build Your City

    Build Your City

    mann island
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Find some available land, lay the foundations and build a hospital, a museum, a school, your dream house, a zoo - anything that you think makes a city great. RIBA

  • Wakeboarding


    liverpool wake park
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    In 2016 the International Mersey River Festival was blown away by the death defying aerial exploits of some of the best wakeboarders in Europe, battling it out across Liverpool's Salthouse

  • Katumba Bloco Drumming

    Katumba Bloco Drumming

    Salthouse Quay
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Katumba champions diversity and multiculturalism through their louder-than-loud music, movement and visuals. Liverpool’s renowned drumming and movement groups with over 80 drummers-and counting. Katumba champions diversity and multiculturalism through our louder-than-loud music,

  • Army Village

    Army Village

    Princes parade
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    There are field gun runs, an Apache display team, paintballing and interactive demonstrations to show the wide scope of the British Army and inform, inspire and entertain the whole family.

  • Liverpool Irish Festival: Ship Stage Takeover

    Liverpool Irish Festival: Ship Stage Takeover

    Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Showcasing a variety of Liverpool, Liverpool Irish, Irish and Celtic inspired musicians, instruments and songs this medley of acts present work spanning centuries of music, including folk, shanty, Trad and

  • Liverpool Model Boat Club and Friends

    Liverpool Model Boat Club and Friends

    liverpool cruise terminal
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Boats of all shapes and sizes, naval vessels from different eras, liners and tugs are all on display as well as a variety of different working vessels including fishing boats,

  • Absolute Opera Presents A Proms Celebration.

    Absolute Opera Presents A Proms Celebration.

    Canada Blvd
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17

    Sing-a-long to White Cliffs of Dover, A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square, Rule Britannia and much more. This performance also features acclaimed Soprano Stephanie Guidera, who joins Absolute Opera for

  • Monsters of the deep

    Monsters of the deep

    Merseyside maritime museum
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Drop in to this hands-on workshop to create your very own scary sea monster mask or fish hat.

  • Dockwatch


    Merseyside Maritime Museum
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Take a closer look at the creatures in the waters of the Albert Dock with the team of museum experts and the Border Force underwater camera. On the quayside you can

  • Little Liverpool

    Little Liverpool

    museum of liverpool
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    The Little Liverpool gallery is a hands-on fantasy world for children under the age of six to play and learn. Inside the gallery our youngest visitors can create their own

  • Six knot challenge

    Six knot challenge

    Merseyside Maritime Museum
    Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Take on the six knot challenge with our expert knot-tyer, Dave Walker. Performance Times: Sunday 25 June: Throughout the day

  • Liverpool Beat Poets Talk

    Liverpool Beat Poets Talk

    Museum of Liverpool
    Sun 11 Jun ‘17 - Sun 20 Aug ‘17

    A talk focusing on the Liverpool Beat Poets in the Wondrous Place gallery. Performance Times: Sunday 25 June: 3.00pm Then on the following Sundays at 3.00pm on the following dates:

  • Armed Forces crafternoon

    Armed Forces crafternoon

    museum of liverpool
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17

    Get crafty and make something fabulous to take home with you, at this special crafternoon for Armed Forces Day.

  • Edmund Gardner tour

    Edmund Gardner tour

    museum of liverpool
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17

    See behind the scenes on the ship from the wheelhouse to the engine room, which was transformed into a dazzle ship in 2014. Please note that the ship has uneven

  • Titanic and Liverpool: the untold story

    Titanic and Liverpool: the untold story

    merseyside maritime museum
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Discover the real life stories of those who sailed on Titanic, in their own words. Featuring film footage, images, costumes and interactive touch screens, the optimism and tragedy of Titanic

  • Lusitania: life, loss, legacy

    Lusitania: life, loss, legacy

    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    This exhibition is situated on the first floor of the Museum, created to mark the centenary of the sinking of the Lusitania, on 7 May 2015. As well as the

  • RAF Village

    RAF Village

    Princes Parade
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    On the Pier Head is the unique opportunity for you to discover some of the RAF’s most impressive kit and equipment. You can get up close to the impressive Chinook,

  • African Empires

    African Empires

    international slavery museum
    Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Find out more about amazing civilisations in West Africa throughout history and create a crown like Mali's Mansa Musa or your own beautiful Benin Bronze, in this free family activity

  • Hands on with the First World War

    Hands on with the First World War

    museum of liverpool
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17

    Explore the extensive First World War handling collection with the Education team at Museum of Liverpool. Get hands on with real and replica items from the First World War. Find out what life

  • Brocklebank tour

    Brocklebank tour

    mersey maritime museum
    Wed 24 May ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Join the crew of the tug, Brocklebank, for a behind the scenes look on this fascinating ship, including the wheelhouse, engine room and mess room.

  • Liverpool Community Choir at Mersey River Festival

    Liverpool Community Choir at Mersey River Festival

    Mann Island liverpool
    Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Led by Ian Davidson, hear some examples from our new repertoire of contemporary pieces from the 20th and 21st centuries, from Broadway and beyond... We became an independent community choir

  • Cut Throat Barber

    Cut Throat Barber

    Liverpool Waterfront
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Meet Cuthroat the barber as he walks about offering haircuts or even juggling three sharp looking knives for your entertainment. Have him blow bubbles for you, meet his parrot Polly

  • NAAFI Break

    NAAFI Break

    museum of liverpool
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17

    Join us on Armed Forces Day for a reminiscence session based around service in the Armed Forces. Share your memories in a relaxed environment using our reminiscence tools and enjoy

  • Martin Mor

    Martin Mor

    24130 Mann Island
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Kids! Do you need somewhere to take your adults without them getting bored and going in a huff? Bring them to Funny Stuff for Happy People were the adults can

  • Navy Village

    Navy Village

    Mann island
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    You can go on board to explore the impressive vessel and experience the inner workings of this magnificent ship that will be a remarkable sight on Liverpool’s waterfront. The Navy

  • Aurin Girls’ Choir

    Aurin Girls’ Choir

    Salthouse Quay
    Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    The Aurin Girls' Choir was founded in September 1998 from the girls over 14 years of the Miraculum Children’s Choir of the Kodály School. The founder and director of the

  • The Daniel Adamson

    The Daniel Adamson

    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    The Danny, as its affectionately known, was saved from being scrapped by a team of volunteers and with the support of The Heritage Lottery Fund. The ship was restored at

  • Vintage Cinema

    Vintage Cinema

    mann island
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Their original purpose was to provide engineering training as part of Harold Wilson's White Head of Technology. This Cinema is now called 'Audrey' and these days she tours around the country

  • Choral Pavilion

    Choral Pavilion

    24130 Mann Island
    Sat 25 Jun ‘16

    Led by Simply Singing, the choir often credit HM The Queen for their large and ever growing numbers since their performance for her and Prince Philip in 2011.   Choral

  • Urban Canvas Pavement Art

    Urban Canvas Pavement Art

    mann island
    Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    In cities just like Liverpool around the world there is a long tradition of decorating the pavement with colourful chalks and pastels which dates back to the 16th century! Today,

  • Land Girls

    Land Girls

    Pier Head
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Meet Vera and Lynn, the very British cockney girls ‘doing their bit’ to win the war, dispensing good cheer and the Dunkirk community spirit. With old time sing alongs, ration

  • Sea Sphere

    Sea Sphere

    Salthouse Quay
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Released from the sea only long enough to bring smiles to the faces lucky enough to look upon hers, this curious mermaid comes complete with dancing seaweed and other creatures

  • Arts & Crafts Worksops

    Arts & Crafts Worksops

    the cooperage
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    These fun arts and crafts workshops are a unique opportunity for children to design and create their own original artwork, with expert advice and guidance on hand from the team.

  • Jolly Boat

    Jolly Boat

    mann island basin
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Jolly Boat is a pirate-themed comedy folk-rock duo who perform original comedy songs and are best-known for the medley of pirate parodies they perform. Described as "funny, skilled musical comedy",

  • The Norwegian Seamen Choir

    The Norwegian Seamen Choir

    mann island basin
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    The choir members were important co-players during the annual Christmas evening program "Vi går ombord" with the popular anchor-man Erik Bye, broadcasted live on national radio and television for decades

  • Sing Me Merseyside

    Sing Me Merseyside

    mann island basin
    Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    The infamous SingMe Singing Club Choir consists of 8 groups that meet weekly in different venues and currently consists of over 300 members. SingMe Merseyside has a strong belief in

  • The World’s Smallest Comedy Club

    The World’s Smallest Comedy Club

    Mann island
    Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Come and witness a full scale comedy show with laughs, lights and a full sound system. The catch? There's only 4 seats and each show lasts 3 minutes! We've booked some

  • Yakovlev Arial Display

    Yakovlev Arial Display

    Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Look to the skies over the waterfront for an astounding aerial acrobatic display from the UK's premier display team. The Yakovlev team have earned a reputation for excellence over the

  • The Funnels

    The Funnels

    Princes Parade liverpool
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    The playful Funnels are characters in their own right and stand out in a crowd whether they are standing still, dancing, tooting their horns or playing follow the leader they

  • Soldiery Exhibition

    Soldiery Exhibition

    The Athenaeum Church Alley
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17

    Meet Rory Lewis Photographer, enjoy a reception and private view of the project from 7.00pm - 9.00pm. Please note, formal lounge suit applies and tickets must be purchased for this

  • Northern Boat Show

    Northern Boat Show

    albert dock liverpool
    Fri 23 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    The Northern Boat Show is a festival of boating at the heart of the International Mersey River Festival. This three-day boat show will showcase world class sailing boats, power boats

  • Floral Pavilion Theatre at Mersey River Festival

    Floral Pavilion Theatre at Mersey River Festival

    Floral Pavillion Centre
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    Pirate Themed balloonatic artists giving out balloon swords to children in and around the Floral Pavilion. Jimmy Juggle in and around the venue. Music on the panoramic lounge on Saturday

  • Mersey River Festival at Birkenhead

    Mersey River Festival at Birkenhead

    Woodse Event Space
    Sat 24 Jun ‘17 - Sun 25 Jun ‘17

    There are numerous things happening in Birkenhead, including performances from Fishermen on Stilts, face painting, street food and the Boogie WonderVan will be there.   Amorini Antiques Centre are open