Ø (2017). Mixed Media On Canvas & Paper Artbook

Ludomir Frankczak was born in 1974. He is a visual artist, theatre director, and curator and his works have been shown in galleries, theatres, public spaces and festivals. He works with musicians (Emiter, Robert Curgenven), visual artists (Magdalena Franczak, Sebastian Buczek), and theatres (Schaubude/Berlin, Kana/Szczecin, Szwalnia/Łódź). He was a scholarship holder of the Visegrad Fund (VARP), Pomerania Marshal and Ministry of Culture, nominated by the Polish Radio for the 2013 culture prize and awarded the 2016 Theatre Institute Prize in Warsaw. His main interest is the subject matter of memory and identity. By means of intermedia actions, he creates complex projects, using both visual arts and history, or literature. He is the author of several artistic publications and works as a cultural activist.