Three Channels, Trompe l’Œil, IV (2018). Print on Plexiglass

Luca Arboccò was born in 1992 in Genoa. His body of work explores the relationship between mimesis, reality and perception in a set of mutual exchanges that intertwine and connect artistic production and visual culture studies. His work, ‘Three Channels’ (Trompe l’Œil), inspects and problematises the deceptive condition of painting and its role in the new media age. Arboccò has shown his works in many group exhibitions, including: “Dichiarazione d’intenti” Sala Dogna, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, curated by Fabio Vito Lacertosa – solo (2018); “PILLS – Next”, Associazione Barriera, Turin, curated by Giulia De Giorgi and Maria Elena Marchetti (2016); Jahresausstellung (2013), ADBK, Munich (2013). In 2017, he received the Frase Got Talent Prize.