Top Liverpool chef made Bordeaux wine “Ambassador”

Liverpool’s Paul Askew has become the first UK chef to be honoured by France’s wine capital, Bordeaux.

Top Liverpool chef made Bordeaux wine “Ambassador”

by Culture Liverpool

Liverpool’s Paul Askew has become the first UK chef to be honoured by France’s wine capital, Bordeaux.

The Great British Menu star, who is the chef patron at the Art School Restaurant, will be invested with the cape and cap of the order of Le Grand Conseil des Vins de Bordeaux alongside Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson at a special ceremony at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral.

They follow in the footsteps of other ‘Ambassadeur d’honneur des vins de Bordeaux’, including movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Paul, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts said, “It’s hugely humbling and a massive honour for me, Bordeaux is held in such high regard around the world in my industry, the thought that I could be an ambassador for that wine region is truly wonderful. I feel very very proud as to me, it shows how far Liverpool has come as a city we’re looking on the world stage not just a regional or national stage. Ours is a deep routed love affair with good food, good wine and of course maritime it’s very much a shared passion with the region of Bordeaux.”

The ceremony will take place ahead of the famous Fête le Vin, which is making its UK debut on Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage waterfront on the final May bank holiday weekend.

Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux and Former Prime Minister, said: “Liverpool is following Hong Kong, Quebec and Brussels in joining the big family that is the Bordeaux Wine Festival.

“For its 20th anniversary, the Bordeaux Wine Festival will be coming to Liverpool for the first time and will be seeing off the Tall Ships Regatta after a stay on the Garonne quaysides from 14 to 18 June.

“The Liverpool Bordeaux Wine Festival is a reflection of the deep ties between our cities, with our rivers and our UNESCO world heritage status.

“May this great popular festival, which has called on the enthusiasm of people in Liverpool as well as Bordeaux, bring our two cities even closer together.”

Le Grand Conseil, as with other wine fraternities, welcomes many people into its ranks each year. An ‘ambassadeur d’honneur’ is one step below the more “active” title of ‘Conseiller du Vin de Bordeaux aux Maîtres des Commanderies’, which can be bestowed and is granted to those, “whose functions and renown can serve the cause of Bordeaux wines”.

The Bordeaux Wine Festival will take place in Liverpool on the final May bank holiday weekend (25-28 May) and will coincide with the spectacular Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta. Tickets are now on sale, starting from £20, and are available from

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