Scotts Menswear announce sponsorship of Art of Football

Scotts Menswear announce sponsorship of Art of Football

by Culture Liverpool

Premium menswear brand retailer scotts Menswear has announced partnership with Liverpool Council, Culture Liverpool and Bido Lito! Magazine for the city’s Art of Football celebrations.

Designed to coincide with the World Cup 2018, Art of Football will host an array of exhibitions around the city, aimed to inspire ideas and discussion around the beautiful game.

Key events will include Common Ground; a photography exhibition set to take visitors from the mid-80’s to present day, Soccerama Symposium which will include conversation and debate from guest speakers from all over and Disco Socrates; a mini music festival designed to explore artists from the World Cup competing nations. There will also be community cinema events in the form of pop-up screenings featuring radical football documentaries, and more.

Paul Ramsdale, Marketing Co-ordinator for Scotts said of the partnership: “scotts are proud to work with the city of Liverpool on the Art of Football project. The project embodies the city’s multi-cultural roots and celebrates its wealth of creative young talent from across the great city of Liverpool.”

The Art of Football activities will be taking place from 14th June to 15th July in Liverpool. Join the conversation on social using the hashtag #artoffootball or visit for more information.

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